In connection with the quiz show as a form of my expression of gratitude to readers as well as thanksgiving three years of blogs that have just finished, so today I want to announce anyone who will receive a small package from 1. Okit! Package contains: two kidzania vouchers, kidzania agenda, my short […]

A proper journey not only provides a valuable experience, but also brings about a change in the walker-transformed into a better person; Of the unconscious environment become environmentally conscious When I read the writings of Farchan Efenerr who criticize the condition of Tidung Island now compared to the conditions of the previous years in How […]

Impulsive travel. Take more than six hours a road. Penetrate hill after hill. Culminate in one point. Simple trip. Brought the desire with a straightforward. See the beach then enjoy it. Without moving. No camera mainstay. With the senses and the image-capture tool the perfection of it all becomes understated. Leaning in a simple bliss […]

#WanitaJakarta is my idle project with @ Galoeh11 which has been really long-even before it appears the #WanitaEmas poster behind Kopaja-, but it just got executed fitting long weekend yesterday. At first Galuh asked me to motoin him but I rada lazy kalo just a narcissistic photo without any specific theme. Although confused nentuin concept, […]

TSL is an abbreviation of Tahu Susu Lembang, a processed tofu that has been known as one of the obligatory food packs when visiting Lembang. Moreover trademark drive thru Tahu Lembang a la SPBU it is already very eye cacthing to make tourists who are passing to divert directions and stop by buying Lembang Milk […]

Since I first knew Trusmi as batik center in Cirebon city, I always wanted to visit there to see more closely how the village of batik in this shrimp city. But the intentions were only successful in my last visit to Cirebon a few weeks ago. Located in Plered Sub-district, this Trusmi Batik Village can […]

The Netherlands recognizes the de facto territory of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Java, Sumatra and Madura. The Dutch must leave the territory of RI no later than 1 January 1949. The Dutch and Indonesian agree to form a RIS country. In the old days I was still ngapalin ngapalin desperate sentences above, which is […]

If I fit in Cirebon I usually look for breakfast in the form of rice lengko_yang is one of the typical food Cirebon in the form of white rice which was given additional pieces of fried tempeh and fresh vegetables and then sprinkled with peanut sauce Similar dipake in gado-gado_maka last visit to Cirebon yesterday […]

After many times mupeng pengin ngeliat from near the unique batik train, I finally finally saw it. Even I do not just look at aja but also ride train Argo Jati batik that serves this route back and forth Jakarta Cirebon. Although only one carriage is designed by using batik, but the series of carriages […]