Ends at Genteng

Impulsive travel. Take more than six hours a road. Penetrate hill after hill. Culminate in one point.

Simple trip. Brought the desire with a straightforward. See the beach then enjoy it. Without moving. No camera mainstay. With the senses and the image-capture tool the perfection of it all becomes understated. Leaning in a simple bliss when the waves break, as the feet go down in white sand, as the wind blows, and the twilight disappears on the overcast blanket.
Ends at Genteng. One place at one end of Sukabumi. Local people are more familiar call it with tile than the more famous name of Ujung Genteng.

On the road to Pangumbahan_di one point named Cibuaya_kesederhanaan has created a day in the frame of happiness. The journey does not have to find many points to go. Sometimes focusing on one goal has given the space a different taste in the simplicity of a journey. There, looking at the horizon, there was a soul smiling with time in its own beautiful way