#WanitaJakarta is my idle project with @ Galoeh11 which has been really long-even before it appears the #WanitaEmas poster behind Kopaja-, but it just got executed fitting long weekend yesterday. At first Galuh asked me to motoin him but I rada lazy kalo just a narcissistic photo without any specific theme. Although confused nentuin concept, but finally nemu also a unique concept that I dapetin from quotes tweet @ Galoeh11 with hashtag #WanitaJakarta.

I thought of motif Galuh like what he wrote in 140 characters in tweetnya with hashtag #WanitaJakarta.

I’m #WanitaJakarta who spent my night on the street @ galoeh11

Although I have not been able to tell too much in some of the photos I took on the sidewalks of Jalan Sudirman, Sudirman Station, Trans Jakarta Dukuh Atas and Epicentrum Walk, but for the execution of this old project I was quite satisfied

Initially I wanted to make a woman’s composition in the hubbub of Jakarta; On railway platforms, sidewalks, or crowded Trans Jakarta shuttles. Make #WanitaJakarta look more dramatic. But the desire was not able to be fulfilled because I motretnya pas holiday so the road / platform / bus stop looks more deserted. And, I’m still pretty ketar-ketir if motret in the general area of ​​Jakarta: the combination between still not confident and afraid of being thugs