TSL When Know and Milk Fall In Love!

TSL is an abbreviation of Tahu Susu Lembang, a processed tofu that has been known as one of the obligatory food packs when visiting Lembang. Moreover trademark drive thru Tahu Lembang a la SPBU it is already very eye cacthing to make tourists who are passing to divert directions and stop by buying Lembang Milk Tofu, whether cooked or still shaped tofu.

Indeed, hell, his name also knows, surely the shape and taste is not far away from the taste of soft soy. Especially for my tongue which is less sensitive to taste problem. Tofu Lembang milk is indeed very tasty, but yes it’s like knowing. I myself was confused where the taste of the milk! Ha ha ha. #dijelelu. In fact he said still Know Lembang Milk is contrived by mating soy and milk, you know, to be created know this milk.
Tofu Milk Lembang is a similar appearance to Tahu Kopeci in Kuningan where the exterior feels crispy, but when enjoying the inside feels so soft on the tongue, and it’s tasty-savory-delicious-make-do-want-stop-eat!

Try it! The price is quite affordable, really. But I forgot how much the price per bean knows milk that has been fried.