Footsteps of the Nation in Linggarjati

The Netherlands recognizes the de facto territory of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Java, Sumatra and Madura. The Dutch must leave the territory of RI no later than 1 January 1949.

The Dutch and Indonesian agree to form a RIS country.
In the old days I was still ngapalin ngapalin desperate sentences above, which is part of the contents of the text Linggarjati Agreement. At that time boro-boro I know Linggarjati exactly where, how to get there: ride a motorcycle taxi or stay down from angkot, then how the shape of the place. I do not have any idea about Linggarjati.But after so many years and the contents of the Linggarjati agreement was forgotten, I even found my hard-earned memories when studying history at school. Entering a simple classical style house, I managed to find the place of Linggarjati negotiation which once could not imagine when learning the history of the book diktat.

Located in Kuningan District, West Java, where the negotiations took place in the post-independence period of Indonesia has been converted into a museum, called Linggarjati. Inside the Museum Linggarjati stored collections in connection with the track record of the implementation of negotiations in the early days of Indonesian independence. An era where clearly illustrated how
The struggle of the Indonesian nation to gain recognition of its essential status of independence. In the early days of independence the condition of Indonesia did not necessarily entirely independent, but the conflict between the Dutch who came with the riders (of course not using motorcycle taxis and muds) allied troops to Indonesia in the status quo had sparked the fire of war, as happened In Surabaya which became famous for the November 10 event.

Linggarjati negotiation is one form of struggle without taking up arms. Through the way diplomacy Indonesia struggled to get its rights. At that time the Indonesian delegation to Linggarjati negotiations was represented by Sultan Syahrir. The Dutch were represented by Wim Schermerhorn and H.J. Van Mook and the British act as mediators. Despite the fact that after a few months of this negotiation erupted Military Aggression I because the Dutch declared no longer bound by the contents of the agreement, but for me the simple building in Linggarjati has been recording how the footsteps of the struggle of the Indonesian nation to fully independence.