Docang, Other Typical Culinary from Cirebon

If I fit in Cirebon I usually look for breakfast in the form of rice lengko_yang is one of the typical food Cirebon in the form of white rice which was given additional pieces of fried tempeh and fresh vegetables and then sprinkled with peanut sauce Similar dipake in gado-gado_maka last visit to Cirebon yesterday I was invited the good hosts of Mas Dhian and Uba to try out other pleasures of culinary Cirebon, the Docang!

Although the lips dower because of three mouth ulcers in the mouth, I still wrote a follow-up portion of Docang warm message in the Docang stall that hung in front of this Station Kejaksan. Hmmm. It was nice too kok, although looks a la perfunctory
It turns out Docang name is short for Beans Dibodo or dibacem. That is in the Docang sauce there is a kind of soft juice from soybean preparations, such as fractions of tempeh gembus (other languages ​​what ya? Tempe cake?). Kuah Docang is more delicious if eaten warm-warm. While the contents of a plate of Docang consists of lontong, cassava leaves, bean sprouts and given a piece of crackers with a unique shape.

In addition to the peculiarity of Docang, it turns out there is a story that lies behind a plate of Docang. It is said that this Docang has existed since the time of the guardians where the food is used as a means by Prabu Rengganis to poison and kill the guardians. Huwii Serem.
And, more satisfying again is the price of Docang is quite cheap. Incidentally fit the streets to this Cirebon I hold the money money, then I so know the price. For breakfast Docang plus warm tea rollicking with orders of seven dishes (with two orders half portion) runs out Rp. 45.000,00.