Train Batik Argo Jati

After many times mupeng pengin ngeliat from near the unique batik train, I finally finally saw it. Even I do not just look at aja but also ride train Argo Jati batik that serves this route back and forth Jakarta Cirebon.

Although only one carriage is designed by using batik, but the series of carriages in Argo Jati Train does look different. More beautiful and inviting people’s attention.
This batik motif not only decorate the exterior of the car but also on the inside. Well, imagine deh beautiful! From the outside it looks so cool, so. Batik motif in Argo Jati train using motif Lion lion which is symbol of friendship between nations. The meaning is Argo Jati train is expected to be a means of transportation that can serve all circles and provide a sense of security, comfortable, fun, and environmentally friendly. Hopefully this hope can come true! Railways become a cheap and convenient and timely transportation option for people.

In addition to Argo Teak train, batik motif also adorn another series of trains, namely Argo Lawu Railway that serves the route Jakarta Solo PP. Unfortunately I have never met with row of Argo Lawu batik carts so until now still curious about batik motif Langlang Jagad that adorned the train