Malioboro sensation ala Lesehan Blok M Square

The night did not seem deserted when I was almost two hours sitting cross-legged on the lesehan in front of the shopping center Blok M Square. Night air in the rainy season does not make the atmosphere more cold. A glass of warm tea accompanied me to a long chat with two friends who had not spent time together
Some people are still going back and forth in front of me and some groups still seem engrossed sitting while talking at small tables lined the mall courtyard while sitting lesehan. Plates are still visible on the table. Glasses half-empty. Small talk warms up the night.

Lesehan Blok M Square has indeed become another alternative to enjoy the culinary in Jakarta. With the concept of lesehan and food that really njawani (including Gudeg), then do not be surprised if the sensation obtained when lesehan similar to the atmosphere ala Malioboro. No wonder if there is finally spoil this lesehan with Malio-Blok M! Ha ha ha.

Started at eight o’clock at night, simple stalls with low tables lined up neatly in front of Blok M Square. Tantalizing foods look delicious on the table. Lots of choices, not just limited to Gudeg only!After choosing the desired food, I rushed to the low table to eat it. While lesehan and chatting fun together Dita and Sisi, I enjoy the night Jakarta in different ways.

This lesehan does offer intimate intimacy when sitting lesehan together with friends. Again and again I visited this place with friends, it always ends with long and exciting chats until midnight.And, when it’s been two traditional singers complete with kebayanya menyambangi my table, it means that I have been sitting here long enough. Comfortable atmosphere like in Jogja makes me, Dita and Sisi do not realize if time is approaching midnight. Dita and Sisi who first visited in Lesehan Blok M Square promised to sit lesehan again here. And, I nod in agreement! Malio-Blok M is indeed a fun place to spend the night in Jakarta in a different way.