Jabbar was born in Laguna Pari Sawaki

Having a gentle beach and fine sand makes Pari Laguna must be registered in the visit when a vacation to the village of Sawarna in Lebak, Banten. Laguna Pari Beach is indeed a little hidden. To go there, my friends and I had to walk first through the village and then climb up the hill to finally meet a lonely lagoon where the fishermen leaned their boats. Trekking trip is not too difficult, but if the previous night the area was washed down the rain required a degree of caution because the road becomes slippery

Once there, we were greeted by the rolling waves and the stretch of soft white sand. The gentle sand makes each footless footing a sensation of its own. Especially when the waves touch the skin. Huwiii, delicious!

Just sitting on the sand while throwing a view to the open sea is very delicious, especially if you want to play with sea water. Scattering water play with the waves hit the adrenaline itself. Especially if this is done in conjunction with friends definitely this water play activities more exciting.

At the time I visited the Pari Laguna there is no supportive tourism facilities, such as stalls or toilets. So it is better to bring your own supplies and if the dying pipes better pretend play water trus deh urine in the sea. Ha ha ha!

As for accommodation can stay at home residents or homestay are found around the suspension bridge leading to Ciantir Beach.