Mobile Learning in Chatuchak

Indonesian people are known to have a unique hobby, that is always eling buy souvenirs for relatives, neighbors, street friends, office friends, arisan friends, ah a lot! Heard also the people of Indonesia is quite known as Miss & Mister Jinjing are royal in some countries that sell shopping tours.

Meanwhile, when visited in the country, ranging from Tanah Abang to Grand Indonesia, ITC Cempaka Mas to Mall of Indonesia or Cipulir Market to Pondok Indah Mall, it can be seen that the existence of the market and the market is always crowded with the activity of buying and selling transactions starting from Morning until midnight! If you say Sundanese, Shop till you drop it! In addition to the routine sights of the mall, itc, or tireless market providing trendy jinjingan for the community, there are still exhibitions, market shocks until the festival is always hunted by buyers. They flocked, stamped each other, and certainly made the street jams to shop. Sometimes I think if the people who are fond of shopping (including me) can be “utilized” more leverage, can create a new tourism commodity that is shopping tour as developed by the Government of Thailand with Chatuchak Weekend Market and Suan Lum Night Bazzar it. Shopping Tour is very Thailand and widely known both by local residents and foreign tourists.

Let’s take a look at Chatuchak Market and let’s learn to move forward from seeing the Chatuchak Market.
A little bit about Chatuchak

Chatuchak Market is a weekend market held just every Saturday and Sunday in the suburbs of Bangkok. Actually, the existence of this market is like the markets in Indonesia, even if it is arguably Tanah Abang Block A Market building is much more megang if compared with Chatuchak Market building in the form of los-los lined.

However, with all the supporting infrastructure, uniqueness, diversity of products sold, security and promotions made by the Government of Thailand was able to attract both local and foreign tourists to shop at the weekend at Chatuchak Weekend Market.
The diversity of products in Chatuchak Market

The diversity of products sold may be one reason why locals go shopping at weekends. Chatuchak market not only sells garment products and derivatives such as the famous Tanah Abang Blok A Market from Asia to Africa. In addition to fashion products, there are also shoes, sandals, bags, typical Thai handicrafts, funny Thai trinkets, paintings, plants, to pets. I said complete if only to just looking for a typical Thai memento or just a souvenir
If, fashion products in Tanah Abang Market seem monotonous and less trendy, then different from the fashion products sold in Chatuchak. In addition to T-shirts bearing Thailand with all sorts of designs, ranging from the market to the exclusive rada was available, there are also shirts with famous diplestines quotes, soulmate shirts (I went there in early 2009 and very hits really), typical silk shirt Thai all kinds of shapes, until the children’s clothes are very tempting. One thing that makes all the items are tempting to be bought is the price is quite CHEAP, for example a piece of white T-shirts cotton bearing Thailand with a background image of the Grand Palace is offered at a price of 100 Baht only (if lucky enough to get the price below) or Rp . 30,000 only (if pegged at the rate of 300).

Chatuchak Market seems to have been conceptualized not only as a souvenir market for foreign tourists, but also as a cheap market for local people, so it is not surprising that many Thais are joining Chatuchak Market.

In addition, the diversity of products sold more complete because of all kinds of Thai handicrafts are suitable to be made souvenirs presented there. Just choose, stay fresh! If in Indonesia might be like in Maliboro and Beringharjo Market can match it. Moreover Chatuchak items are also varied and unique, ranging from key chains, pencils, budha statues, refrigerator patches, fans, wall hangings, elephant dolls, small wallets, etc. Satisfied deh choose it !
Well, if you have been satisfied to choose the goods, then do not be confused to find food. Inside this Market there is also foodcourt to the tent stalls, various food menu offered, including halal food menu.

Infrastructure Readiness

Chatuchak’s readiness to welcome visitors can be seen from the easy access to the market. The MRT network (land carriage) and BTS (skytrain) have reached the market, even if heading to the market using MRT then we will get out of the ground immediately greeted by the hubbub of Chatuchak Market. In addition, of course we can use other modes of transportation ie bus or tuk-tuk.

In addition to the readiness of transportation access, the arrangement of the market was pretty good because there is a division of blocks in accordance with the goods sold. So, there will be a story when again choose clothes suddenly there is a hamster jumping in our direction. Hihihihi.

And, if there is a crazy and crazy friends shopping until the calf swollen while others are not strong then the choice Tugu Meeting Point can be used as a meeting place again. Exclamation, right?
Agaimana with Indonesia?

With all the cultural diversity and various culinary varieties owned by Indonesia and supported by the hungry hobbies of the people, the combination should be cultivated into a shopping commodity if the government sees a big enough prospect that it actually has.

Beringharjo and Malioboro markets are one of the successful areas that sell shopping as one of the main tourist commodities. With local uniqueness, Malioboro sells goods / services very Jogja throughout the day throughout the year. Malioboro transformed into a crowded spot in Yogyakarta.But what if I want to find Batik Papua? Songket Cloth? Candied seaweed? Salak Bali? Coto Makassar? Mie Aceh? Sasirangan? Chips Mak icih?

Cook me to jump one island to another island anyway? Ha ha! I spent money from the work of rodi pillow bones to travel, but I also dream to be a college until S3. #EEAA # Aunt Aunt

Actually I dream of Indonesia having one Indonesian Market (not Mall of Indonesia or Grand Indonesia) that provides various kinds of typical Indonesian goods without the need to visit certain places partially. Indonesian specialties not only in the form of handicrafts, can also Indonesian snacks typical, traditional foods, woven fabrics, batik, musical instruments, etc. It seems to be exciting when the Indonesian Market or just Weekend Market Nusantara it can be realized.Actually if for food from around Indonesia, I’ve found one of the shops in Kebayoran Baru area that sells various kinds of typical food of the archipelago, but for items other than that I still like the trouble to get it. So than that I dreamed Indonesia has the Indonesian Market.

And, if you see how much Tanah Abang Market is showing that the economic stretching is high enough and learn from the success of Chatuchak Market which has become icon of Thailand hopefully my dream to enjoy Indonesian Market can be realized sometime in the future.
In addition to the annual PRJ show which of course became one of the tourist destinations sold in Jakarta which is quite kicking, I also think why PRJ (or other places, such as Taman Mini) is not conjured up and made the concept of weekend market like Chatuchak huh? Maybe with the name I mentioned earlier, namely the Indonesian Market.

Chatuchak Market is also only open Saturday and Sunday alone, the rest of the market is quiet only remaining kiosks only. This I get when asked one of the traders who sell at Chatuchak Market. At weekdays he even work office. The Thai government seems to make Chatuchak rada exclusive when compared to Sun Luam Night Bazzar is open every night so many tourists are curious to feel the other shopping sensation in Chatuchak Market instead of shopping ngadem in luxury malls like Siam Parago or shopping centers like ITC in Pratunam.Looking at the prospects for the future is quite good, as well as the condition of the Indonesian people who demen spending, especially if the Government of Indonesia can hold SMEs, home industry, local artists, craftsmen, traders on line to traders typical food from all over Indonesia then it could be There is a weekend market or Pasar Indonesia in Jakarta or other cities that could be more interesting than the existence of Chatuchak which has been widely known in the world.

As the word Enno Lerian, want to find padang food there, want to eat gudeg did not need to fly to Jogja, ice hammer stump ready, amanda brownies? Unyil bread? Cane bread? Lasik Batik? Spicy Chips bandung? What else can not be found if there is Weekend Market Nusantara or Pasar Indonesia.