Mendoan Snack Required Jump

Actually the existence of tempe mendoan this is not limited to ex Banyumas Residency, but has penetrated the wider area, namely Indonesia. It’s easy to find tempe seloan seller in various places, including Jakarta.

The uniqueness of tempe fried flabby is indeed attract a lot of people so not only people in Purwokerto and surrounding areas are hooked eating mendoan.
Tempe mendoan indeed can not be separated from the daily life of people in Banyumas, including Purwokerto. Even according to the confession of one of my friends who had studied three years in Purwokerto that he could eat at least three times a day mendoan. It seems that mendoan already ingrained in Banyumas-an. It may be possible not to eat if there is no mendoan. Ha ha ha.

When I visited in Purwokerto almost two days I was unable to escape from this tempe. The easy-to-find seller of tempe Mendo made me a little addicted. Ha ha. The warmth of tempe mendoan is able to bewitched the tongue to continue to eat it. Moreover, the price of one mendoan also not too expensive.
To be able to enjoy the warm started actually can make your own. Here I copy information and recipes started bad Banyumas Wikipedia’s.

Mendoan Nickname food Arak from Tempe are thinly sliced ​​tempeh or special form only a thin fried continue with glepungsing disogi spices. Flour used rice flour usually but sometimes mixed with flour. Nearly all areas of Banyumas was fed started disappoint.

Its creation

300 g tempeh, cut into ½ x 5 x 7 cm
75 g rice flour
1 tablespoon cornstarch
5 north chive leaves or leaves onion, sliced ​​1 cm
125 ml coconut milk from ½ thicker pieces of coconut
oil for frying
Herbs That Dialusna
3 pieces of hazelnut
½ tsp coriander seeds
½ knuckles galanga
2 cloves garlic
juice, salt
Mix the flour with the spices that have been crushed. Add the water a little bit, while continuing to stir until blended. If it is less liquid, water can tambaih enough. Enter the leaves of chives, stir until smooth, then soybean dipped one by one.

Cooking with fire a medium not too large (perhaps scorched) until ripe with color rather tawny.