Kala Surya Sink at Ujung Gelam

The gently sloping beach, the green nyiur waving, the soft white sand and the gorgeous sunset is a perfect piece of happiness when traveling. I once got the complete package when visiting one of the headlands on Karimun Island Java, which is the largest and largest island in clusters of Karimun Island Java. The cape is called Tanjung Gelam, where here is a beautiful beach where I get the perfect package. This beach is often called Pantai Ujung Gelam or Tanjung Gelam Beach.
The beauty of the beach is not undeniable edge.

Especially when two times I visited there this beach is really quiet so feel very private. The first visit to the beach is fitted in the morning by boat from Wisma Apung. Incidentally me and my friends rented a wooden boat to get around the island, and one of them stopped at this cape of gelam. The condition of the beach in the morning of course very beautiful, blue sky, clear water, white sand, beautiful stones, even a piece of rotten wood was very artistic here. The following photos Ujung Gelam Beach in the morning

But there is one other beauty that should not be missed on the beach tip of this gelam, namely sunset! This beach is one of the best locations to enjoy the sunset at Karimun Jawa. Many Karimun tour packages offer sunset hunting at Tanjung Gelam as one of its destination
The beauty of the sun that sank on Ujung Gelam Beach I get when the second time visited here. It was me and my friends on a different route with the first visit. Me and my friends chose a land route by Carry rental car through the streets of Karimun Main Island to stop at the last village before we trekking through the forest about ten minutes.

Drawing up the pandan leaves we could finally put foot into the soft white sand and meet again with Ujung Gelam Beach at dusk. Incidentally the sky is clear and the sun is still high enough so still enough time to enjoy a longer afternoon here
As the minutes passed and the sun began to descend to the horizon the beauty of the sky was in sight. Beautiful at once full of peace, where a bright blue sky that coupled with the color of the sun burning. Coupled with the gurgling of the waves as well as the breeze that makes the atmosphere more serene. Maybe if at that time I was more upset would be scratching sand beach to wreak the turmoil of the heart. Ha ha ha!
And, when the sun is sunk at Ujung Gelam Beach this is not to be missed when visiting in Karimun Java! Of course must be accompanied by many prayers let the sky not cloudy, let alone rain.