Monitor the Jakarta Tower Harbor Master

While at the top of the tower built around 1839 it was eager to see how the condition of Jakarta in the past named Batavia. The Syahbandar tower used to function as a monitoring tower for ships coming in and out of Batavia through Sunda Kelapa Harbor. So do not be surprised if it is at its peak, I can see with the field of Sunda Kelapa Port as well as Jakarta.
The twenty-meter-tall, 34-meter-tall tower is one of the must-see attractions when traveling around the old city of Jakarta that can be reached by renting an onthel bike from Fatahillah Town Park.

Through the entrance and up the stairs after the stairs into an experience of its own. Especially when there is a vehicle that passes the tower looks a little swayed. A pleasant enough sensation. Ha ha ha! Especially when I get to the top I can see the ships lined back in the Port of Sunda Kelapa on the north side and the city of Jakarta on the other side. Incidentally when visiting here fits the afternoon so the air is friendly enough and I who really like the atmosphere of dusk so linger here
When I read wikipedia to complete the information in this post, I found an amazing information where on the bottom floor of this tower there is still a basement for protection and tunnel doors that can pass through to Museum Fatahillah. And, it is said that this tunnel can penetrate to the mosque Istiqlal which once there had stood Fort Frederik Hendrik. Wow! Very cool if you can explore under Jakarta through this hidden route!