By-oleh from Museum Bank Indonesia

Of the many museums in Indonesia, I thanked the Museum of Bank Indonesia. In addition to occupying an extraordinarily beautiful building neo-classical wing, which is the former building of Bank Indonesia Kota and is a cultural heritage of De Javasche Bank, this museum is also intent really to provide a good alternative tourist attractions. And, the simplest thing is with the souvenirs that can be used as souvenirs to take home in one of the areas approaching the exit.These souvenirs in the form of handbags, sling bags and pencil case designed in such a way as to look attractive without being cheap like a mass product abal-abal. Especially with a fairly affordable price (for the price of handbags dijanded for Rp10.000, 00) souvenirs from Museum Bank Indonesia can also be used as an alternative souvenirs typical of Jakarta.

Just look at how the appearance of handbags used by my friend this
For the matter of museum and collection facilities is no doubt. Bank Indonesia seems to be serious about creating a representative museum, not spooky, even using modern technology, such as electronic displays, static panels, and plasma televisions.
Without any charges at all to enter this museum is one more value in addition to the various information presented, both related to the role of Bank Indonesia and its history in particular and other information that is also a trace of the history of the Indonesian Nation.

Here are just additional information and photos related to this Bank Indonesia Museum if you want to visit Museum Bank Indonesia. Unfortunately when I first visited here I have not explored much. Maybe next time kudu menyempatkan to Museum Bank Indonesia again.