Studies Danar Hadi Batik Museum Antiques

Located on one of the main streets of Solo, precisely on Jalan Brigjen. Slamet Riyadi 261, Danar Hadi Museum is located just behind the batik shop carrying the name of House of Danar Hadi. The colonial-style white building that is one of these cultural heritages looks elegant on one side of the bustling main street of Spirit of Java city.

Pulling up for a while to visit the museum with predicate MURI for the most batik collection is certainly the right choice when visiting Solo.

The entrance of the museum is a bit hidden,

but prospective visitors can directly ask the clerk or shop clerk if you feel confused rather than already to the front entrance kudu back to the counter to buy museum entrance ticket for Rp25.000, 00 for public and Rp15. 000.00 for student / student. This price includes a fee for a guide that accompanies visitors during the museum.

The museum is supported by Sampoerna for Indonesia not only offers a collection of various kinds of batik cloth, but also provides more knowledge about batik, ranging from the process to details about materials to tools for batik. Even if you are lucky to see the workshop process of batik directly. Unfortunately when I visited there, batik activities in a live is not there. Hiks.

Various beauty of Indonesia presented through the charm of batik from various corners of the archipelago. Historical colors are stored there. The liquid nights have scratched a long story not only about batik, but also the stories of the nation, ranging from the story of the palace with batiknya that have certain patterns and designation of batik that has been set before A contemporary batik story, both the result of the creation of Danar Hadi or Guruh Soekarno Putra. Even at the opening tour around the museum, visitors have been spoiled with batik collection of colonial relics, including batik made by the Caucasians Londo with a pattern of different motifs with most batik motifs of the archipelago, one of them motifs taken from a fairy tale like the red hood and the wolf.