Conveniently KRDI Madiun Jaya

When this orange-colored train crossed Klaten Station, I was quite amazed to see it. Not just shiny on the outside, but it looks clean inside too. The train is named Kereta Madiun Jaya, which serves the route of Yogyakarta Surakarta Madiun PP and operated by DAOP VII Madiun. This train uses KRDI aka Diesel Indonesia Rail Train which already use air conditioner and passenger car is one of product made by PT INKA. Cool, right?
When I first saw this train pass, I failed to try because this train leads to Yogya, while I will go to Solo. As a result, I just can lyrics just while biting fingers.

But because it may already emang dating, two days later I can nyobain also ride Madiun Jaya when want to go to Adi Sutjipto Airport, Yogya. With the ticket price of Klaten-Maguwo (one location station with Adi Sutjipto Airport) equal to local train price (for Klaten-Jogja route), Prambanan Express, I joined in the car
Yeah! The inside of this train was also pretty good. Although fitting crowded, but still plasticity comfortable. Unlike the Prameks / KRL Commuter train in Jakarta which is designed with seats attached lengthwise on the hopper wall, the wagon section of Madiun Jaya is designed like a long-distance train with seats facing each other. In addition, this train is also equipped with a toilet. Quite comfortable, is not it?