Trip Year Close: Pangandaran, Citumang Green Canyon

The end of 2010 is just a mlipir, not even the week, so not stale also ngomongin last trip in the year in which Syahrini transformed into a big star in the universe world of drama as well as makeup archipelago or Jessica Iskandar finally issued the album with her golden voice. WOW OO WOW!

Actually the trip that was done pas holiday natal it was not far away, kagak need to ride the plane or ribet paddling rowing, well the only cuman stay on the bus once nemplok from Kampung Rambutan has reached the destination really kok! Yaps, me and my friends to Pangandaran at the southern tip of West Java province who mepet with Cilacap sono. I myself have never been exploring to Pangandaran even though I have been in Ciamis Manis district and through the city of Banjar, so when my friend, Si Ndah Nununwati offered this trip with my friends (Amel, Ika, Nining, Afif and Word) Just join before being asked for registration fee! PLAQUE!
Wells, actually not Pangandaran that became my target, but Green Canyon and Citumang!

Okay let’s see
Crowded in Pangandaran
More properly referred to as the beach belonging to the people of West Java berumatnya so many West Java residents who picnic when I was on the beach, either West Coast Pangandaran or White Sands Beach. Sami mawon, pakde! Everything is crowded!
Well, indeed from the beginning I do not expect more with the quality of Pangandaran beach. After all, me and my friends use Pangandaran as a drop point aja to Green Canyon ma Citumang or maybe to other beaches, such as Batu Karas which unfortunately did not have time to visit
The magical things over in Pangandaran:
1. HP Ilang! Duh really deh, how come to Nunun contagion hell !!!! * Gethok head pake crowbar!
2. Dangdutan at midnight or whatever it is to do when people are on the break, really sick of that soul! Moreover dangdutannnya still continued in the afternoon. Duuuhhh thinks pengin drag kagak anyway! PLAQUE!
3. Warung Seafood barbaric !!! It’s been a long, expensive time, it’s asinnnnn !!! Be careful klo mo eat on the sea food on the west coast, mending to eat at Pujasera that is on the west coast junction mo to the east coast, it feels good, the price is friendly!
4. Snorkeling Time! Can loooooo. But ya do not know hell those who take the time to snorkel at White Sand Beach Pangandaran ngeliat what !! Hmm Maybe look at the boat that pass time yes, hihihi!

Body Rafting at Citumang
Is a protected tourist resort that has a source of springs, so citumang also known as a natural bath tour thanks to the source of the eye that begins from behind the cave. Area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis tourist attraction is approximately 15 km from Pangandaran, so it would be better if using a private vehicle because the location of the river as well as its place of the highway Cijulang Pangandaran still far enough
Well, it is wrong when traveling fits the rainy season! I was disappointed because I could not capture the beauty of the water that is evoked in clear green, but the feeling of disappointment disappeared when the invitation of body rafting from the guide down the river from upstream to the dam near the entrance which then continued by sliding in a small river with a tremendous stones bonus – the slap-stamped buttocks are worth treating the disappointment of citumang water that turns brown because the previous night the area was washed down by rain.
Body Rafting activity is not just sliding along the flow, but also kudu plunged a few meters from top to bottom, really deh, for me who is not just afraid tenggelem but also afraid of real height like follow-up fear factor is!
But the part tercapek actually fit the swimming part kilogram without flow at all in the middle of times dammed with cloudy color! Although ngosuh ngayuh hands, in my little heart always pray no anaconda that annex my legs and friends! Hihihihi.

Body Rafting (Again) in Green Canyon
Similar to Citumang who abis rain, conditions in Green Canyon (local name Cukang Taneuh) was brown so that the miracle river ran with rocks it slightly lost its charm because the water is not green!
However, as well as fitting in Citumang who culminate in exclamations as well, well in Green Canyon sami mawon, still aja me and friends cool crazy nyemplung sampe to the inside of the river (though not until deeply because it was already afternoon)

With a strong current, this body rafting event becomes the next challenge because a little guard can be dragged by the current and can be kissed by rocks like razor sharp! With so much energy, my friends and I pushed slowly through the river with the help of rope, folding from one stone to another, against the current until our HORRAAYYY got to the water which (he said) made the youthful! HOHOHO !! #cannamehighing #windsinks!

Luckily there is a body rafting that makes the trip natal it really exciting even though finally made me roar nglepar when arrived at Cipanas, Garut! I am feverish, high fever, even until the sputum is red!