Planning a Trip to Lombok

Think trip to Lombok is expensive?

Indeed! But do not mutung ropes first because the most expensive cost of my Lombok trip yesterday was the plane ticket so that if the plane ticket Jakarta-Mataram can be diverted with ngeteng would cost can be suppressed. Well, how the budget and itinerary trip to Lombok my version yesterday.


First, of course arrange travel plans during the Lombok, when and how many holidays so that the budget will adjust to the itinerary is compiled. I myself spent 7 days to get around the island of Lombok (it was not yet until the Peak Rinjani, hihi).My version itinerary and friends:

DAY 1: JKT-Selaparang (night) nginep in Senggigi

DAY 2: Senggigi Trawangan Cs (nginep Trawangan)

DAY 3: Trawangan Bangsal Waterfall Sendang Gile / Tiu Kelep (nginep in Senggigi).

DAY 4: Senggigi Nanggu Cs Kuta (nginep in Kuta)

DAY 5: Around Kuta Cs (nginep in Kuta)

DAY 6: Kuta-Sade-Sukarare-Mataram-Senggigi (nginep in Senggigi)

DAY 7: Senggigi-Mataram-Selaparang-Jakarta

Well, after nentuin how long will be in Lombok then of course when to go, what month, what day. Certainty of course will determine with the price of the ticket (if using the plane), departure / return fitting weekend of course impact on ticket prices are more expensive. Of course, other than that also seen the weather factor, not exciting right kalo mo holiday, uh even the rain mulu!
I myself (due to time constraints) decided to use the plane and take the time to depart on Thursday night and come home on Wednesday afternoon.


Many ways to Mataram. Mo quickly board the plane, mo ngeteng super kere can take a bus or take the train to Banyuwangi then cross to Bali further Padang Bai and cross to Sheet, Mataram.

But if time is limited, aircraft transportation mode can be an option. The Jakarta-Mataram flight ticket is priced at 600 thousands, so for PP I have to reach the pockets until perforated because I have to spend 1.2 tons of jeti money!

But the plane ticket can also be copied because the ticket price of Surabaya-Mataram only half from Jakarta-Mataram so that if the budget is limited and pengin quickly can ngeteng first to Surabaya new boarding. Not bad right? Surabaya Mataram 300 thousands of jek!

Well, now it’s time itung money that must dikeluarin for 7 days in Lombok. If the flashpacker version like me and my friends do need urunan duit of Rp. 1,050,000.00. These costs include:

– 7 days meal (including luxury meal at Yessy Cafe which reaches 60 thousands / person)

– Accommodation costs 6 nights (80 thousand 150 thousand / night)

– 3 days Car Rental Fee (@ 450rb + gasoline 100rb / day + tip 100rb)

– One day trawangan tour fee (100rb / person)

– Boat Rentals to Gili Nanggu (350rb)

– Cost of public boat Bangsal-Trawangan (10.000 / orang / oneway)

– Trawangan Bicycle Rental Fee (120rb / 8cycles)

– Ticket entrance fee (Tiu Kelep / Sendang Gile: 100rb)

– Motorcycle rental fee (50rb / day)

– Tip Guide at Kampung Sade (50rb)

– Cost of snacks / cold drinks, etc.

I think the cost is still quite cheap when compared with follow-up tour package.


So, if you want to trip to Lombok is still very likely to be trimmed from my budget because some of the costs can be trimmed:

Car Rental Fees can be saved if possible, reimbursed for motorbike rental / public transportation.
The cost of eating is very likely to diminish.
The cost of a snack / snack.
One day tour package in Trawangan replaced with a public boat ride.
Well, actually the cost during the Lombok can be pressed in such a way, for example in a day (for two):

Homestay: Rp. 100,000
Rent Motor: Rp. 50,000
For the main cost daily outside of eating is actually only lodging and transportation is Rp. 150.000 / 2: Rp. 75,000 per person. If indeed mo to Trawangan / Meno / Air can use public boat Rp. 10,000 one way per person. Then if mo around using bemo (angkot) close range in Senggigi also only Rp. 2,000 only.

While eating can still kok Rp. 10.000 (mixed rice) one meal, and even then only for lunch and dinner, well what about the breakfast? Hmmm look for a homestay that delivers breakfast! While drinking more efficient kalo bring bottles and merefill from the inn if there is. Kere mode on! Ha ha.

So, can it be a holiday to Lombok? Do not think about it by souvenirs, mending enjoy the holiday time as much, klo money left buy new keychain next to Mataram Mall. Hihi.