Floating in Muara Kuin

One attraction of this city of a thousand rivers is one of the vibrancy of the river mouth in the morning when most people Scots flock to pedal boats Floating Market which is located between the Barito River and Kuin River.
Last week with my friends working around Banjarmasin, ie Ba-Li (Batu Licin) to Tanjung, we departed when the adzan shubuh reverberated for Central Indonesia Time from Banjar Baru to Kuin. Actually there are two locations Floating Market in Banjarmasin, namely Kuin and Lok Baintan, but we chose Kuin.

Down the streets of Banjarbaru-Banjarmasin still empty, we can freely accelerate the vehicle faster to as soon as possible because when the sun is slipping just a little from his house, we will not be able to witness the hubbub of this market. After we entered the city of Banjarmasin, the sun was peeping, it seemed we were a little late. Arriving at the point of dismissal at Masjid Sultan Suriansyah, we took a moment to pray shubuh in this historic mosque, then rented a motorized boat klotok to Muara Kuin then see the activity in one of the market is quite unique and has so long existed in the earth urang Banjar . Clothok rent this Rp. 100.000,00.

With the sun still peeking on the east side, we split the brown river while watching the daily activities of Banjarmasin residents living on the banks of the river. Some were washing clothes, bathing, even brushing teeth. While klothok by klothok also continue to drive the tourists, both local and foreign countries headed to Muara Kuin.

But indeed dear thousand dear, we are a little late. When we arrived in Muara Kuin there were only a few traders in Jukung and larger boats. The chaos that is there mostly is a boat that tourists who are parked to just take pictures or breakfast at the restaurant floats.
The sun was slowly opening the door. The curtain of local people’s life is increasingly illustrated. Lanting houses adorn the right and left sides of the river. Forget about the River of the King which became the icon of Thai tourism which has always been the main destination of tourists with its skyscrapers.

When viewed from the state of the river is actually no different from Chaoprhya, both brown, only Chaopraya more dikonsepkan for attractions with the construction of various supporting facilities such as restaurants, hotels to the mall while on the outskirts of the River Kuin and Barito River that looks just a house – a simple locals house, but somehow it looks interesting in my eyes because I can see their daily lives.

The women washed clothes together in one of the houses, while in another house a father was seen bathing as well as small children swimming and playing down to the middle of the river. Absolutely Exotic!

Muara Kuin keeps its own uniqueness, besides the activity of Floating Market, there are still human interest that can not be missed, of course I can while learning about how to be grateful for life, because at least I do not have to brush my teeth with brown river water that